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Beaucoup Allu’s Herbals was founded with the intent to create holistic beauty solutions that are safe, honest and effective. In a world full of chemical-filled products, we recognised the need to reignite the age-old collection of Ayurvedic treatments that were embraced by our ancestors. We pair the best aspects of traditional ayurvedic practices with learning from contemporary knowledge, to offer beauty solutions that work on multiple levels. In our busy lives, we’re unable to engage in ancient ayurvedic practices. At Beaucoup Allu’s Herbals, we have created products that are able to apply ancient Ayurveda to modern lifestyles. Beaucoup Allu’s Herbals products carry the goodness of rare natural ingredients, developed to treat existing concerns and prevent any future ones. Our products are made by combining modern and advanced technology with Ayurveda. We have Hair Oil, Hibiscus Gel, Hair Growth Booster Powder, Skin Brightening Oil & Aloe Vera Gel in different quantities as per your needs.

About Our Herbal Products

It contains handpicked herbs which are cooked in virgin coconut oil and made to mature under natural sunlight. The power of the sun and the potency of these herbs goes into making every bottle of allushair oil. It’s unique and easy to apply straight to scalp. We are in the cosmetic & beauty care manufacturing industry to engage in the production of hair oil and similar hair care products. 

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